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Kelly Mata

Kelly Mata


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Kelly Mata  has established deep roots in the vibrant city of Austin over the course of several decades. Her life has been intertwined with the community, and her commitment is evident in her marriage of over 30 years. Together with Sam, she has successfully raised a family in the heart of Austin.

Kelly is not only a dedicated family person but also an active participant in the local church, contributing to the spiritual fabric of her community. Additionally, her commitment extends to broader community service, where she engages with enthusiasm and joy. Her active involvement in both church and community reflects Kelly's genuine and caring nature.

Known for her enduring qualities, Kelly Mata is recognized as a person of integrity, wisdom, and a love for life. Her reputation extends beyond her family and community, portraying her as a caring and honest individual. Those who know her also appreciate her fun-loving spirit, adding a delightful touch to her interactions.

In the realm of professional pursuits, Kelly and her spouse, Sam, have carved out a niche as individuals with a sincere desire to assist others in finding the home of their dreams. Their shared passion for helping people navigate the journey of home ownership speaks volumes about their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

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